Boxcar Children

Sometimes you go downtown to catch a train.  Other times, you go downtown in search of sandwich greatness.  This is where my quest has brought me….. to downtown Hattiesburg, right across the street from the train station at a classy little sidewalk cafe called Depot Coffee House and Bistro, or as the locals simply call it, “The Depot.”  It’s quite the laid back environment;  easy going and casual, with your choice of indoor seating with a window’s view of the town, an upstairs loft, or a street-side patio.  Wherever you decide to sit, roll up your sleeves, because grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup is on the menu.

Now, like most places I walk into, I never really know what to expect.  So when I realized that their specialty was grilled cheese, I just about lost my mind with excitement.  Grilled cheese sandwiches always takes me back to my childhood.  It’s simple to do, only takes a couple of ingredients, but always delivers with satisfaction.  Of course, they offer a variety of different options, each bearing their own signature style.  The most popular choice?  The lump crab grilled cheese.  Now, there’s a combination I never could have imagined.  Seems like a bit of a random pairing of two seemingly unrelated items.  But it works!  And while the grilled cheese itself takes me back to being a kid again, the crab meat keeps me reminded that adulthood is the here and now.  It’s actually kind of brilliant; the mixing of the familiar with unfamiliar.   It’s like knowing the child you use to be, but greeting him as the man he has grown to become.  Perhaps a coincidental meeting of random circumstances, but no doubt, a true “crusty crab” of a sandwich if there ever was one.


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