The Mad Dash

For me, walking into Frisco Deli, located next to the busiest intersection in Pearl, MS,  was much like walking into any other establishment.  I stroll in with confidence, look the cashier right in the eye, and strike a chord with my naturally jovial spirit.  But I didn’t get the sense that I was dealing with some young cashier who was having a typical long and frustrating day and was only there trying to earn some extra cash until next semester begins.  These employees were different in that they were career professionals of the service industry.  The nonsense that rolls so effortlessly off of my tongue was greeted and overpowered with more nonsense.  In short, my thunder had been stolen.  So I asked for a sandwich that was gonna “blow my mind.”  I could tell right away by my request that they don’t get a whole lot of customers like me coming through the doors with mind blowing expectations.  Within a moment’s notice, I was starring at a corn beef Reuben in all of its glory as it sat upon the counter awaiting my acceptance.

While sitting under the patio just outside the front door, I begin to take notice of the influx of people coming and going.  There were people from all walks of life; blue collars, white collars, t-shirts, business suits, overalls, scrubs….. you name it, they were there, and there with a purpose.  I got the sense that these people were mostly regulars, and as regulars, likely had a regular go to dish.  Quite suddenly, I felt like a bit of an outsider within a vast array of people from all different backgrounds.  I came in the front door walking ten feet tall, but now felt small and tucked away, and in some sense, exposed.  These people didn’t come here to have their minds blown the same way as I had.  They just came to enjoy this small time, mom and pop deli and the strong sense of community within these walls.  And then I realized, as I was sitting there, nibbling around the sauerkraut on my Reuben, longing for that euphoric experience of sandwich greatness all for myself, that some places just don’t specialize in that mind-blowing sensation of explosive awesomeness to your taste buds.  Instead, some places specialize in the sensation of all inclusiveness through its locality and its status as a staple of the community.  I realized that in my expectation of a sandwich making the experience worthwhile, I was missing the entire point.  And that’s why I had felt like an outsider, when in fact I should have left my own desire for sandwich awesomeness at the door and simply assimilated into familiarity.  That’s what Frisco Deli is about.  They don’t try to win you over with fancy presentations or lavish amenities.  Just come on in, have yourself a sandwich, and be one of us for a while.  Because, sometimes, the experience makes the sandwich worthwhile.  Mind….. BLOWN!


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