The Golden Triangle

On a cold January evening, after a stroll through downtown Columbus, I found myself in a very old, yet very classy scene, known to all of the locals as “Huck’s Place.”  The reputation this little spot has is quite the spectacle, and the night time atmosphere does not disappoint, with its busy, sidewalk cafe-like vibe.  On the dinner menu, there are but two sandwiches to choose from.  I was feeling a bit spicy, so I went for the shrimp po’ boy.  On hot, crusted buns, blackened shrimp, piled up high, called out to me with its warm, steamy welcome.  I’ve heard it said before that, “Shrimping ain’t easy!” And that may be so, but taking that first bite was, as Lionel Richie says, “Easy like Sunday morning.”  And don’t worry if a few of your shrimp go overboard and abandon ship.  You’ll find that your bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo is quite the capable passenger boat for stowaways.  Scoop them up and toss them in; a little shrimp makes the gumbo even better.  Truly, this was a great piece of Cajun delight.  The only bit of criticism I have to offer is that the bun seemed a little dry, so perhaps a touch of some spicy condiment to blaze it up before going down the hatch.  I must say, therefore, after the shrimp begins to jump ship, the gumbo’s supporting role may very well have stolen the spotlight in this show.  Good sandwich.  Great Gumbo!


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