Kickin’ Chicken

My quest for sandwich greatness led me on a more unconventional route today. I stopped in at Zaxby’s to try the “Kickin’ Chicken” Sandwich. Stock up on the napkins for this saucy treat, because things are gonna get messy. For this one, two buttery pieces of toast are loaded down with thick, crispy chicken tenders and dripping with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. I must say, chomping down on this sandwich made me feel like a real manly man, as it was just the right surplus serving of meaty, saucy, and crunchy with just a hint of spicy. Served with fries, this meal hit the spot in a big way. While it’s no secret that I regularly enjoy a bowl of soup with my sandwich, I found it not totally necessary for this rodeo, as you’ll find that the level of saucy is a pretty near equivalent. And the fries will even come in handy to sop up the puddle you leave behind on your plate. I give it two manly, sauce slathered thumbs up!


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