The Firehouse Trial

My mission to find the best sandwiches ever made led me to Firehouse Subs earlier today, upon the strong recommendations of so many good people who read up on my last few sandwich posts. So far as the sandwich goes, they’re pretty fantastic. The bread is nicely toasted and doesn’t overpower the fillings. The sauce selections are nice and diverse. The choices of meats are good. Everything about the sandwich is spot on. The only thing that hurts the meal as a whole is the fact that they don’t serve soup as a side item. For me, a sandwich just isn’t complete without a bowl of soup on the side. This is a large factor in why places like McAlister’s, Newk’s, and Sweet Peppers rank so high on my sandwich rating. Having chips with a sandwich just feels ordinary, like I’m in the third grade again eating out of a lunchbox. So, when a sandwich is loaded with awesome, I need a side item loaded with an equal level of awesome. A bag of chips just doesn’t hack it. Soup is where it’s at! Soup is to a sandwich what Robin is to Batman, what Barney is to Andy Griffith, what the Commodores were to Lionel Richie. Firehouse… give me soup and you’ll have me as a regular customer.


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