Sammich Quest!

It’s Lunchtime on a typical Monday.  Open to suggestions and rumbling for something fast, my outing soon landed me at a sandwich shop just down the street from my office building.  Now, the hype behind this place was exceptional, glowing with rave reviews from many people I know.  But when it was all said and done, I wasn’t so impressed.  This prompted me to ask around on social media, and get an idea of where everyone likes to go to have a good sandwich.  There was a pretty grand response.  Many places I had never tried before began to pop up in my feed.  The enthusiasm with which people responded was so infectious.  As it turns out, people really love sandwiches.  So, this is where I decided to go forward with my quest for sandwich greatness.  You should look forward to reading up on all the sandwich craze, as I’ll be sharing my sandwich experiences.  You can follow me on twitter twitter@sammichquest.


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